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An industry-leading company develops many new products. Their core competence is innovation and engineering, not manufacturing.

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ISO 9001-2008 



Peckham Light Manufacturing Services

Our light manufacturing services allow you to: CD105-0011.jpg
  • Integrate fabric or cut-and-sew as part of your end product assembly
  • Customize your product using the flexibility that fabric provides
  • Achieve light weighting goals
  • Enhance quality
  • Solve design constraints

Production Throughput Partner

Peckham believes that improving production throughput of any facility or process begins by working smarter, not harder. Despite any physical, staff, machine or facility constraints you can imagine, Peckham can assist by improving the efficiency and quality of a specific operation or individual process.

By using the methods and staff employed by Peckham, you can expect to accelerate throughput and improve capacity utilization.

Capacity Constraint Relief

As a fully-integrated operation, Peckham thrives on operating light manufacturing processes. We develop an ISO-certified process that assures qualityCD105-0438.jpg
  • Standard visual work instructions for each operation
  • Quality validations
  • Testing & inspection
  • Cycle time and throughput reporting
  • Kitting, packaging
  • Inventory management

Fabric Manufacturing Expertise

At Peckham, we’re all about working with fabric – cutting, sewing, assembly, product integration, you name it – fabric is in our DNA. A long-time supplier to the military, our processes are bullet-proof. Ditto for automotive.

We’re seeing fabric being used increasingly as a light-weight substitute for other products such as metals and plastics. Here are a few we’ve seen –
  • Fabric wire harnesses (replace rubber or plastic)
  • Fabric solar panels (replace ceramics, metals, plastics)
  • Fabric electronics (replace hard chip boards)
  • Fabric air carrying tubes (replace aluminum, rubber, plastics)
  • Fabric fuel carrying tubes (replace aluminum, rubbers)
As the technology in fabric evolves, we’re seeing new applications for fabric every day – in industries as diverse as architecture, construction, military, automotive, alternative energy, aerospace, transportation, and many more.


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