Assembly Services-Sub-Assembly, Integrated Capacity Processes

Case Study

One of the nation’s largest public universities experienced students succumbing to severe flu symptoms including Meningitis. 



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Peckham's mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities and paid job training for persons with a disability who are striving for greater independence and self-sufficiency. 


Peckham Assembly Support 

Floorspace issues? Capacity constrained? Got a particular bottleneck you’d like to remove?

Peckham can help. We provide value added assembly and sub-assembly services that can integrate with your processes to whatever degree you’d like. From standalone capacity relief to fully integrated process provider, we can help improve your efficiency.

With cut-and-sew assembly as our core competency, we can provide defect-free assemblies delivered just-in-time. We are all about Lean Manufacturing. We use the best practices. We’re ISO/TS-16949 certified. Our process can seamlessly integrate into yours.

We’ll gladly share what we’ve developed internally that many indicate is a world-class production and assembly process. We developed it for Peckham. We’ll share what we know and learned to help you meet ever-increasing demands.

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