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Peckham Veteran Services

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Peckham Veteran Services creates a supportive environment for qualified veterans. We recognize the unique needs of veterans who served our country.

Peckham offers veterans opportunities to move successfully from the military into the civilian workforce. 


Peckham is an equal opportunity employer/program.Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, this material will be made available in alternative format upon request.


Peckham offers one of the most unique and diverse work environments available.  Our employment policies are based on tolerance, understanding and empowerment.

We strive to offer opportunities to people with disabilities to gain greater independence and self sufficiency. We use every resource  to ensure each and every person has the opportunity to realize their full potential. Peckham embraces diversity to achieve excellence.

We continue to grow and evolve into a highly flexible and diverse organization. We are recognized nationally as a leader in the field of vocational rehabilitation.

For information about current staff and team member job opportunities visit the locations listed to the left. 

*Please note, work schedules vary based upon location and program. Certain programs operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Team member jobs are part of Peckham's vocational rehabilitation efforts and require applicants to answer eligibility questions
  • Staff jobs are open to anyone, hiring for these positions is based on your qualifications Please apply through CareerBuilder.com for Staff Jobs.

Coralville Iowa Jobs 

See our posting on CareerBuilder.com to apply for these positions.

For additional information regarding these jobs, please contact Jennifer Montague at jmontague@peckham.org