Foundation Activities

The Peckham Community Partnership Foundation plays an active role in many activities at Peckham. 

  • Partnered with Clinton-Eaton-Ingham Community Mental Health Authority in support of the Supported Work Experience program serving individuals with developmental disabilities.  
  • Initiated Career Adventure for team members and their children to participate in vocational evaluation services and explore upward mobility opportunities.
  • Expanded English for Speakers of Other Languages programs offering weekend and evening class times to help meet client needs, resulting in increased participation.
  • Continued support for the Peckham Scout Troop/Venture Crew for nearly 60 individuals with developmental disabilities. Provided opportunities to engage in structured activities significantly impacting prospects for success at work, at home and in the community.
  • Continued support for Higgins Lake where nearly 45 volunteers and more than 80 developmentally disabled adult clients attend a four-day camp and participate in outdoor and creative activities.
  • Supported the annual Robotics Camp where client’s children compete in a LEGO Robotics competition, sponsored by the MSU College of Engineering, to encourage interest in science and engineering careers.


We believe those closest to the work often hold the key to increasing the success of programs or services. The Mini-Grant program supports this by providing funding directly to staff for new and innovative ways to meet client needs, expand programs, fill gaps in services and support efforts to help clients grow and succeed.


  • Ability Tour- Partnering with League of Michigan Bicyclists, this bicycle tour will raise awareness for people with disabilities in our community.
  • Crossroads Music Therapy- Working together with Michigan State University’s Community Music School, Peckham will provide a unique opportunity for adjudicated youth to participate in music therapy designed to offer an additional outlet for expression and growth.
  • Families Implementing Needed Structure (FINS)- FINS will help parents of adjudicated youth create structure, set clear boundaries and expectations needed to help teens succeed after leaving Footprints Residential Treatment program.
  • Your Story and Mine- Crossroads youth program will partner with the Michigan Historical Museum in an innovative way to help students discover their personal histories through interviews, stories, artifacts, historic documents and family photographs.

Contact the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation   

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