Client Services

Peckham and the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation supports a variety of vocational activities for Peckham clients and their families including:

Adult Learning

With support from the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation, we provide adult learning courses for our clients. Through English for Speakers of Other Languages and citizenship preparation classes, individuals work closely with instructors and peer tutors to reach individual goals.

Job Accommodation

This program examines how to help fit the job to the person. We focus on supports for individuals, specific disabilities or disability classes, and using process improvements to make work more accessible. By using automation and assistive technology, inaccessible positions are now accessible to employees at all levels to improve individual and business line performance.

Career Adventure

This program allows clients and their children to explore a variety of career options and vocational interest through job shadows, evaluations and assessments.

Technology Resources

Through three computer labs, an internet cafe, ongoing class offerings and more, Peckham seeks to lessen the digital divide by providing access to technology in many different settings.