Art from the Heart

At Peckham, we believe that creative expression can be a vital part of an individual’s personal and professional growth. Peckham’s art program, Art from the Heart, exists to offer opportunities for creative experiences to people with disabilities and other barriers.

Peckham’s art studio is a non-judgmental, supportive space in which artists have the freedom to pursue their creative practice at their own pace. We believe that making, observing, and engaging with the creative arts can work to grow an individual’s confidence, self-awareness, joy, and community connection.

Art from the Heart advocates for artists with disabilities to have the opportunity to participate in the greater art community. We routinely engage with our community to increase awareness of the creative potential of people with disabilities, and to provide our artists with opportunities to exhibit and sell their artwork.

‚ÄčArt from the Heart is supported by the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation.

For more information email info@peckham.orgArt-from-the-Heart-logo-FB-4.png

Donations to the Art from the Heart program can be made through the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation: 

  •  c/o Bonnie Zimmerman, 3510 Capital City Blvd, Lansing, MI 48906