Employer Services

Would you like your workforce to be more diverse? A diverse workforce includes people with disabilities. If you would like to include persons with disabilities in your workforce, Peckham can help. Peckham offers a wide range of services to employers to create opportunities for people with disabilities to be successful in your workplace. Many of the services we offer are funded by state and federal programs and are provided at no cost to the employer. Some are offered on a fee for service basis.

Current Employer services include:
  • Accommodation consultation
  • Assistive work opportunity tax credit support
  • Job assessments
  • Job coaching
  • Job tryout Coordination
  • On the job support for employees with disabilities
  • Screening and hiring qualified candidates with a disability

Accommodation Consultation
Peckham’s placement team is experienced in advising employers on effective job accommodations. Most accommodations are simple for little or no cost to your business. These small changes can greatly improve an employee’s success in the workplace and boost productivity.

Assistive work opportunity tax credit
Businesses may be eligible for tax credits when they work to employ people with disabilities. Our employment specialists can guide you through the application process for these incentives.

Job assessment
Peckham employment specialists perform a detailed job analysis as part of the job matching process. This provides valuable information regarding job processes and workflow, which can help in finding the right candidate for the job.

Job Coaching
When needed, Peckham can provide trained, individual job coaches to work with new employees during their initial training period. The coach can ensure the new employee is performing job tasks at or above employer standards and make sure he or she has a natural support system on the job after the coach leaves in order to ensure retention. Coaches can return to provide additional training if needed due to an internal job changes or added duties. This one-on-one training is provided at no cost to the employer.

Job Tryout Coordination
Peckham works directly with Michigan Rehabilitation Services to offer “On the Job Evaluations” to ensure the right job for the right person. Potential hires remain on Peckham payroll (at no cost to the community employer) for a two to four week assessment period.

On the job support for employees with disabilities
Peckham Employment Specialists are always available to provide needed support for individuals hired through their community employment programs. Employment Specialists also assist business partners throughout hiring and training to ensure job retention. 

Screening and hiring qualified candidates with a disability
Peckham uses detailed informational and behavioral interviews to match the right person to the right job. Many candidates have gained valuable training and job experience through Peckham’s wide range of vocational training programs.

For more information email info@peckham.org