Social Enterprises

Our five Social Enterprises provide paid job training opportunities to people with disabilities. They also provide quality goods and services to customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer a wide range of integrated solutions to support your specific business needs.

Social Enterprises

Peckham Supply Chain Solutions from storage to contact center to "pick, pack and ship." Peckham is a one-stop logistics and fulfillment center. A highly responsive team can help you reduce inventory, improve shipping times and minimize delivery costs.

Peckham Business Services uses industry-leading technology to provide services and customer support including customer contact centers, document management and destruction, mailing and more. 

Peckham Environmental Services cleans nearly 9 million square feet of office and manufacturing space daily. With proven performance, we incorporate green cleaning techniques with the ability to maintain a wide range of surfaces.

Peckham Manufacturing includes expertise in apparel, automotive and general manufacturing. We are a preferred source for high quality, cost-effective goods and services. Peckham offers a wide array of solutions from development through production.

Peckham Farms offers locally and sustainable grown fruits and vegetables. Our commitment to sustainability, led us toward organic principles and eco-friendly farming techniques. 

Peckham, Inc. Achieves ISO Certification In Every Line of Business
Peckham is proud to participate in AbilityOne programs. 

AbilityOne is the largest source of jobs for people who are blind or have other disabilities in the United States. To learn more, visit their website.