Sewing Capabilities

Peckham is a world class manufacturer, dedicated to providing employment opportunities to people with severe disabilities. We maintain a full-time training staff that focuses on the development of industrial sewing skills.
Organizations benefit from our ability to focus on quality standards and outcomes. Our clients benefit from learning the work skills needed to compete in a competitive job market.

  • Cell manufacturing to optimize efficiency
  • Lean manufacturing techniques
  • Production goals communicated daily, even hourly
  • World Class sewing equipment including over 800 automated and programable sewing machines 
  • Ongoing on-the-job training and assessments
  • Clean, accessible, daylight filled work environment
  • Supportive work environment
  • Trained maintenance technicians perform repairs and ongoing maintenance


Cheryl Wright
Director of Manufacturing Business Development 

Ed Terris
Vice President of Manufacturing
Phone: 517.316.4322