Business Services

Business Services outsourcing is a snap with Peckham’s solutions for every business need. Whether you need a state-of-the-art customer contact center, IT help desk, help with document management, administrative services or fulfillment support, we can help you develop an answer that best meets your business needs. Peckham support technicians handle over 2.5 million interactions a year.  From answering simple end-user questions to providing front line ticket ownership for highly technical issues, we offer customizable solutions that drive greater satisfaction, improve processes and reduce support costs.

Case Study

Peckham was asked to stand-up 24/7 response centers immediately following several global crises including South Sudan, Typhoon Haiyan, Haiti Earthquake.  Within 24 hours, Peckham trained and staffed 60 agents, configured phone switch/circuits, and was ready to take calls supporting relief efforts. The success of this program is highlighted by the following quote from the client’s management, “Their flexibility and focus on task has been outstanding and their extraordinary effort has allowed the Task Force to focus on what they can do best, including freeing up staff to focus on the Adoptions Task Force. An impressive effort by our partners in Passport Service.”

ISO Certification

Peckham achieved ISO Certification for every business line. Peckham believes in quality and supports an organization- wide quality system, comprehensive outcome measurements and encourages staff to constantly look for, and implement, opportunities for improvements. ISO 9001:2015.