Environmental Services

We clean more than eight million square feet of space daily. Our proven performance along with the incorporation of green cleaning techniques have earned multiple contracts for state, federal and local buildings. Peckham provides advanced training to its team in the latest equipment, products and specialty cleaning services by a Cleaning Management Institute certified trainer. These best practices help improve your cleaning program by reviewing current frequencies and procedures, assessing current cleaning supplies and making recommendations to reduce cost in chemical and water use. We clean some of the most high profile buildings in the state (State Capitol, Hall of Justice). From silk wallpaper to brass and wood, even 100-year-old marble floors, our team knows how to care for and maintain difficult-to-clean materials.

Peckham, Inc. achieves ISO Certification
Peckham has achieved ISO Certification for every business line (Manufacturing, Business Services, Environmental Services and Supply Chain Solutions). ISO Certification is an international standard, recognized throughout the world for establishing a business management system that enhances organizational performance. Peckham believes in quality and supports an organization- wide quality system, comprehensive outcome measurements and encourages staff to constantly look for, and implement, opportunities for improvements. ISO 9001:2015.


Peckham Environmental Services is a bonded cleaning company. We insure our workers and customers against damage, loss, or other cost-inducing accidents.

Performance Outcomes
  • 100% of customer concerns addressed within 24 hours 
  • Our focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement includes ongoing reviews and satisfaction surveys.