Manufacturing Services

Peckham Manufacturing Services – Helping You Exceed the Need

Assembly, Quality, New Product Sewing. Peckham is known for a lot of things: Serving disabled. Sewing. Garments. Excellence. Non-profit. Community. And much more.
One of our best-kept secrets is our Manufacturing Services division – where we apply our best practices to address specific needs of manufacturers in Michigan and beyond. We are a large and growing division of Peckham, applying Lean manufacturing principles and techniques to solve the toughest challenges our customers face. Located in the heart of the manufacturing Midwest since 1976, just in time runs through our blood. So does cycle time. And ditto inspection and sorting. Warehousing. Logistics. Speed to market.

Peckham Problem Solver

Any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Cost Reduction Targets 
  • Operational Bottlenecks
  • Containment
  • Floor Space Constraints
  • Supplier Count Reduction
  • Damage Claims 
  • Emergency Turnaround
At Peckham, we thrive helping our customers solve today’s tough problems. We think of problems as opportunities. Opportunities to improve. Opportunities to break the “we’ve always done it that way” syndrome. We want to help achieve and exceed your goals.

Peckham Solutions
  • Assembly Services
  • Packaging & Kitting Services
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Solutions - Inspection / Sorting
  • Quality Solutions - Rework
  • Warehousing / Logistics
  • New Product Launch
Besides all that, you can rest assured our solutions meet the quality standard you expect in a manufacturing partner. We have been an automotive Tier-1 supplier for more than 20 years. 

Peckham has ISO Certification. We believe in quality and supports an organization- wide quality system, comprehensive outcome measurements and encourages staff to constantly look for, and implement, opportunities for improvements. ISO 9001:2008.