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Peckham provides quality solutions for companies seeking help with Inspection, verification, sorting and rework. Call us when you need help to get out of a tight jam. When you have a need, we respond quickly, with excellent customer service and project scheduling along with complete reporting. Get this: we provide a just-in-time delivery guarantee to meet emergency timing requirements.Are you looking to enhance your operations? Any of these come to mind?

  • Reduce scrap, labor and rework costs   
  • Improve supplier quality
  • Thorough reporting
  • Improve customer/supplier relations
  • Higher manufacturing quality

Inspection Services

Peckham can help you provide defect-free products to your customers. We provide visual and dimensional inspection to ensure zero defects. Our comprehensive quality control services will help prevent defects from reaching your customer and impacting your relationship. Our quality inspection services are used for audit purposes to confirm product integrity and defect-free shipments, ultimately improving your quality statistics in-house. We also offer sequencing, sorting and kitting in addition to our inspection services.

Verification Services

If you receive critical parts from multiple suppliers that are assembled with your product, have them send their components to Peckham for a cost-effective, consolidated inspection. It’s your name on the product going out the door, your firm’s reputation. Do you really want to trust that to each of your suppliers who verify their products differently? Turn to Peckham for a third-party verification process. Looking at the whole instead of just one piece saves time and money as well as providing a higher quality inspection. After all, if we know how everything fits together, it is easier to find defects.

Reporting & Traceability

We know you need to report results to your customer and fast. Peckham provides daily quality metrics and reports so you know the status of your job every day. We can even make the reporting live if you need it. Our standard: provide traceability required to meet requirements and customer’s quality initiatives. Peckham sets the standard, from start to finish, to deliver quality parts, the first time, every time, on time.


There are times when the best Inspection, Verification and Sorting processes lead to products that are able to meet specs with rework. 

Case Study

An automotive Tier-1 supplier producing a critical component for a new product that was in high demand was placed on containment at launch due to some parts not meeting specifications.


Mike Stover
Manufacturing Business Development Manager