Supply Chain Management

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Peckham provides supply chain management services for companies seeking alternate sourcing, fulfillment, warehousing, logistics, packaging, kitting, quality solutions and more.

Peckham Supply Chain Management Solutions

The true cost of a manufactured product or component goes far beyond the cost to manufacture: it includes the time and money spent on material ordering, warehouse stock, inventory management, product packaging, transportation and others depending on the product. Many times one or several of those become bottlenecks in the system and costs skyrocket or deliveries are delayed. By using Peckham’s resources, companies can limit the risk of system bottlenecks. Or if you have a known bottleneck, turn to Peckham for relief. 

Supply Chain Problem Solver

Any of these problems sound familiar?

  • High cost associated with rework?
  • An operation requires more and more people?
  • Excessive component inventory?
  • Containment?
  • Need to inspect and sort but don’t have floorspace?

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Sourcing & Fulfillment
  • Packaging & Kitting
  • Inspection / Sorting / Containment / Rework
  • Light Assembly

Case Study

An R&D oriented protective gear supplier experienced a spike in demand for an otherwise lower volume product being produced overseas. 


Mike Stover
Manufacturing Business Development Manager