Supply Chain Solutions

Peckham offers robust warehouse management solutions that use innovative tools. We have a competitive advantage to succeed in today’s marketplace. From storage, to contact center, to “pick, pack and ship,” Peckham is ready to be your one-stop logistics and fulfillment provider. Our warehouse management system ensures real-time product visibility, while our contact center is ready to take orders and even answer your customer’s questions. Our highly responsive team will help you reduce inventory, improve shipping and minimize delivery costs. With 24-hour facility monitoring, you can be confident in the security and delivery of your products. With nearly two decades of experience, we can manage large and small contracts. From 2 to 20,000 items, let Peckham create a winning solution for you today. 

Peckham has ISO Certification. We believe in quality and supports an organization- wide quality system, comprehensive outcome measurements and encourages staff to constantly look for, and implement, opportunities for improvements. ISO 9001:2015.

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