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Learn more about Peckham and the inspiring people who make our mission possible through the following videos

Peckham’s Corporate Video

Peckham is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization that creates paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Diversity Star Award Winner

In 2022, Peckham became the inaugural winner for the Diversity Star Award, a newly created award between the LRCC and LEAP to recognize companies that go above and beyond in their diversity recruitment and retention efforts at all levels of the organization.

Peckham in Action - Team member spotlight

Peckham in Action - Chris Kirk | The Key(board) to Success

Chris's story about advocating for himself and how Peckham staff helped him with accommodations.

Peckham in Action - Tim Hyatt | You Don't Give Up

Tim's story about not listening to the naysayers along the way.

Peckham in Action - Donald Tate | Upward Mobility Success Story

Donald's story of upward mobility thanks in part to the foundation built during his time at Peckham.

Peckham in Action - Matt White | Adapting His Way to Success

Matt's story of thriving after nearly 10 years at Peckham, and how his attitude and work ethic have helped him succeed.

Peckham in Action - Youa Lee Xiong | The Freedom to Succeed

Youa's story about coming to the U.S. as a refugee to find freedom and safety for her family, and how Peckham provided opportunities to succeed and advance in her career.

Peckham in Action - Virginia Besant | Overcoming Obstacles at Peckham and Beyond

Virginia's journey of going from doing time in jail to successfully rehabbing, finding employment at Peckham, and fulfilling a desire to help others.

Peckham in Action - Joe Smith | Taking Care of Business

2021 workers of the year

Antinett Avery

Peckham's Environmental Services Worker of the Year for 2021

Caroline Sharrow

Peckham's Business Services Worker of the Year for 2021

Tasha Sheperd

Peckham's Supply Chain Worker of the Year for 2021