Our Mission

Our Mission

History / Mission

Peckham, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1976 to provide job training and competitive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. The name honors former State of Michigan Rehabilitation Services Director, Ralf A. Peckham. Today, we have grown to be one of the largest vocational community rehabilitation programs in the state of Michigan. Our clients are a diverse group from many partnering agencies. We offer more than 30 different rehabilitation and human services programs from art to career planning, pre-employment screening to facility based training, youth programs to organizational employment and residential services.

Peckham is committed to assisting job seekers secure and maintain long-term employment, allowing for job upgrades and career advancement. A wide range of services are offered with a focus on job readiness skills, career exploration, resume development, interviewing, guided job searches, as well as developing interpersonal and coping skills to enhance job retention.

We provide people with physical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-economic challenges, a platform to demonstrate their ability, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success. Greater self-confidence and improved self-image are gained as clients strive to reach their full potential. Peckham provides opportunities so clients can experience meaningful employment growth.

Our Mission Vert

Our Mission

Peckham, Inc., a nonprofit community rehabilitation organization, is a unique business and human services agency that values quality, diversity and performance. Our mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities to maximize human potential for persons striving for independence and self-sufficiency. We embrace collaboration, effective resource management and innovative approaches to achieve world-class excellence.


Our Core Values


COMPASSION: We care about people and take a holistic approach to each and every person’s well-being. We care about your personal and professional life, your family and your career. We work to build an environment of trust and acceptance- one that supports and believes in each person’s potential.


DIVERSITY: We respect and celebrate differences, we embrace diversity and we are open-minded. We work with people who are different – who have different skills, different talents, and different perspectives. That means we look for and accommodate different kinds of jobs and opportunities, different solutions to problems, and different ways to be successful.


OPPORTUNITY: At Peckham, you should have the freedom to be 100% authentic, 100% genuine, 100% real. This is the place where you get the chance to try new things, express yourself, share your ideas and take risks. Go for it. We will give you the resources and the freedom to be, to grow, to thrive.


EXCELLENCE: High quality and high performance is who we are. It’s what we do. It’s what sets us apart. We are always striving for excellence in the way we do business, in the way we treat our customers, in the work we produce.


PRIDE: Let’s face it, this place is special. This work is challenging, and we work hard to create opportunities for every individual to achieve success and outperform our competitors. We’re doing great work, and we’re pretty proud of it


COMMUNITY: We are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Working here means you have become a member of a unique community, an extended family that shares a commitment to working together to make a positive impact not just on yourself, your coworkers, but that whole big old world out there


BALANCE: The power of the “AND” is the extension of everything else we do. There is creative tension in the way we operate, and how we balance the spirit of a nonprofit with the mind of business. It’s the yin and yang. The business AND the mission. The work AND the play. The personal AND professional. The sweet AND the salty. AND we are always doing something else too