2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Letter to the community

This has certainly been a year full of unprecedented events. A global pandemic, national social and racial unrest, and a major transition in leadership at Peckham. This has also been a year met with much excitement and trepidation. Excitement about leading this amazing organization forward in success; yet trepidation about the challenge of guiding the thousands of essential individuals we serve in a new way of working that ensures their safety, health and overall wellbeing.

Despite those challenges, managing the dynamic executive orders (across three states), re-structuring our facilities and workspaces to accommodate physical distancing, and developing new cleaning and safety procedures – there were two things that remained consistently the same – our mission of providing opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive and the sincere, compassionate, servant-leadership culture at Peckham.

As we navigate this new environment, there are many stories throughout the organization of big and small acts of kindness
- from virtual at-home community art projects, drive-by car parades for underserved youth, new accommodations for those with barriers to remain safe and “Costume Fridays” for daily COVID screenings. Digital spaces where people can share photos of their children, pets and tips on how to manage stress have developed a rich community and a new sense of connectedness among staff and team members.

It has been said that “adversity does not build character, but reveals it,” and this year more than any other, we have witnessed the leadership, grace and steadiness of the Peckham family. If there is anything positive about being an essential organization during a global pandemic, it would be that it has helped shine a light on our courageous staff and team members. The commitment to our core values and our ability to thrive in the face of adversity while continuing to meet the evolving needs of our federal and commercial customers has been nothing short of amazing.

We thank you, our community supporters, for standing with us in applauding these everyday heroes who with bravery and enthusiasm show up to work each day with compassion, calmness, sound guidance, professionalism and integrity. It is an honor and privilege to serve and lead this amazing group of people who enable us to continue our mission, do great work and be proud of it.

Kathie Feldpausch, President                                                                                  Jo Sinha,                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Board of Directors Peckham, Inc.                                                                         President & CEO Peckham Inc.,

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