Peckham Participates in the Science Summit at the UN General Assembly & Highlights Inclusive Work Environment

“The self-esteem which can develop from the ability to support oneself and one’s family, and participate in a productive workplace, is the very definition of inclusion in society.” That’s the message that Laurie Penfold brought to participants in the Science Summit at the United Nations General Assembly. On September 29th, 2022, Laurie and Peckham CEO…

Peckham Partners with Includesign to Manufacture The LapSnap

Peckham Apparel Manufacturing recently partnered with Includesign, a new mission-based startup to produce the LapSnap, a first of its kind, adaptive basket for individuals who use wheelchairs. The LapSnap is a versatile carrier that enables individuals to better manage daily activities such as shopping, household chores, gardening and more with a great level of independence….

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