Below is an excerpt from Chris Kirk, Administrative Support Specialist at Peckham Charlotte. Chris shares his appreciation to the team for providing assistive technology, which enabled him to be more efficient in his role.

My name is Chris, and I am an administrative assistant at the Peckham Charlotte location. I was born with a disability in short called “AMC” (Arthrogryposis), which attacks and stiffens the body’s main joints, and it has mainly affected my arms and hands.

I type using only my right elbow and (have) recently been diagnosed with bursitis, which on occasion makes my elbow swollen with very little feeling. Since I have been dealing with this issue, I have been looking for ways and/or items that can help so I am not hitting extra keys and having to constantly fix errors.

I needed to be more efficient which put me on the hunt for a solution. I went to multiple electronic and office stores trying out different keyboard options and found that the AZIO MK RETRO Typewriter mechanical keyboard is just what I needed.

Becoming part of the Peckham family has really been a blessing, I am used to mainstream employment as that was my only option throughout my early adult employment years so life and work have forced me to be inventive, proactive, and my own advocate, always thinking how can I get better or make my situation at the moment easier to overcome.

When I brought my request (for accommodation) to my Vocational Service Specialist Maleah, she immediately along with Melissa went right to work on it on a Friday, and when I came in Tuesday morning, Maleah had it set up and ready to go for me. Now that’s impressive!

And (that) makes this place one of a kind in my opinion, nowhere else will you find this level of empathy, compassion, and care to help you be a productive part of society. I want to genuinely thank the Peckham Charlotte team for always being so flexible, compassionate, and willing to help, you are amazing!


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