When Joe got married 29 years ago, he promised his wife he would take care of her. Throughout his working career, he’s worked dozens of jobs, including eight in the Lansing Mall, trying to fulfill that promise.  However, his goal of making enough money to become the majority breadwinner in the household seemed always out of reach.  Moreover, he doubted his ability to work in any industry more challenging than retail.

At the urging of his daughter, Joe applied for a position as a Customer Service Representative at Peckham. Though the training was difficult, Joe said that Peckham staff played a major role in helping him successfully complete it, despite the passing of his mother part way through.  Since settling into his job, Joe has reached his goal of becoming a substantial contributor to his family’s income the way he always aspired to and promised his wife all those years ago. He no longer stresses about his ability to pay bills and other necessities, which is a huge relief not only for him but his whole family.

Asked what sets Peckham apart from his previous employers, Joe explained that the encouragement, kindness, and appreciation shown to him by his peers and supervisors has allowed him to thrive in his current position. Joe described how Peckham genuinely cares about his success, provides accommodations for his disability, makes allowances for personal difficulties, and even provides half-price passes for transportation – all important factors in his vocational achievement. As a devout Christian, Joe stressed the importance of working in an environment where people were kind and nice to each other, sentiments he reciprocates every day.  He feels free to be himself at work because differences are embraced, and acceptance is expected.

Though he has loved every job he’s ever had, Joe puts his work at Peckham above all others. Having recently earned a promotion to the App Line, he doesn’t hesitate when asked about his hopes for the future: “To be completely honest, my primary goal is to stay here for as long as they let me.” And then, with a smile that seems ever-present, he added “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Peckham.”


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