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Contract Packaging

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Contract Packaging

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Peckham’s Contract Packaging Services division addresses the specific packaging needs of government agencies, CPGs, and food & beverage manufacturers in Michigan and beyond.

Peckham Contract Packaging Solution

Peckham is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We believe in quality and in instilling an organization-wide quality system with comprehensive outcome measurements.


Commercial Clients

  • Apure
  • Neogen
  • Kendall Electric


Government Contracts

  • Michigan Department of Corrections
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
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Contract Packaging Services

Secondary Packaging

Our secondary packaging services include case packing, retail point-of-purchase displays, club store packs, variety packs, shelf ready displays, and many other form factors. Whether your product needs an extra layer of protection for travelling through e-commerce distribution channels, or a vibrant display at the retail store, Peckham can provide the solution. We offer short runs for seasonal displays, or continuous production to keep product displayed and protected all year long.

Shrink Wrapping / Bundling

Shrink wrapping is a great solution for providing extra protection, attractive and effective branding, or combining multiple units of product. Shrink bundling works great as a heavy-duty solution for heavier or bulkier products, or for combining several units for club store or beverage purposes. Our wrapping/bundling services include pack-out to the client’s preferred case, pallet, or secondary packaging displays.



We partner with our warehouse team to provide fulfillment services for your kitted products to your final customer or distribution center.

Peckham offers the following:

  • Component Assembly or Sub-Assembly to Multi-Packs, Retail & Professional samples Kits and Point of Purchase cartons.
  • Cardboard, Poly Bag (Heat-sealed or zippered) or bulk finished packaging. Labeling products of all types.
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We offer incoming sort and inspection for all non-conforming parts or pack containment with visual inspection, go/no go gauging or re-pack/re-work. We can receive product, design a customized process, and report results and solutions in real time.


Whether performing an initial sort or receiving defective product, we offer engineering supported re-work solutions for kitting, assembly, or packaging at our ISO 9001-2015 Certified facility.

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Case Studies

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Sourcing/Kitting Case Study

One of the nation’s largest public universities experienced students succumbing to severe flu symptoms including Meningitis. Taken as a serious health risk to students and a PR risk at a time of declining enrollment, the university developed a Flu Pack for distribution to each dorm student. The school needed help to produce and distribute 20,000 flu packs as soon as possible.

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Sort/Inspection Support Case Study

An automotive Tier-1 supplier producing a critical component for a new product that was in high demand was placed on containment at launch due to some parts not meeting specifications. The program manager said he needed a way to inspect and sort the components outside their facility due to lack of floor space internally.

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Packaging-Rework Case Study

A regional boxed food importer had a shipment of 50,000 boxes of Macaroni & Cheese with an incorrect UPC code being rejected by a grocery chain. Facing the loss of a significant account and future revenue, the importer reached out in need of a qualified organization to re-package the contents with a short (ten day) turn-around time.

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