Peckham In The NewsMedia Coverage Posted Below

Peckham In The NewsMedia Coverage Posted Below

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June 4, 2024

The state of Michigan is granted 18 million in AmeriCorps funding

LANSING, MI - The Michigan Community Service Commission announced Tuesday the funding will go to more than 1,100 AmeriCorps members. The members will work to take on a wide variety of issues like disaster services, economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, public safety, and more.

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July 26, 2023

People with disabilities are leaving this vocational program with new skills, job prospects

FLINT, MI - Vocational Independence Program (VIP), is a non-profit, established in 1954, that works with and employs individuals with disabilities and employment barriers to build their vocational training, personal skill development and community involvement. One of their success stories is a talented individual named Allen Walker who is now employed in the Manufacturing division at Peckham. Walker left VIP with a great deal of knowledge which he now incorporates to his position with Peckham, Inc.

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January 13, 2023

Peckham Prevents Violence by Providing a Future 

LANSING, MI - After receiving $2 million in federal funding, Peckham vows to use the money to keep young people out of jail by providing job training, violence prevention training, a mentor and an education.

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January 13, 2023

Peckham Lands $2 million federal grant 

LANSING, MI - Peckham's Youth Services Program is one of 13 organizations across the country that have been awarded the Growth Opportunities grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. The grant will allow Peckham to further their reach by providing training and transitional skills coaching to youth with barriers to employment.

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October 26, 2022

Peckham Receives EPIC Award for DEI efforts by Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Grand Rapids, MI- Peckham has been named the DEI Champion – Organization of the Year by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce during its EPIC Award celebration. EPIC is the premier business award celebration recognizing exceptional organizations that foster community growth, demonstrate innovation, and have championed others as mentors and collaborators. There were more than 120 nominees and nine EPIC award recipients.


June 21, 2022

Peckham Earns Diversity Star Award from LRCC and LEAP

LANSING, MI- Peckham recent became the inaugural winner for the Diversity Star Award, a newly created award between the LRCC and LEAP to recognize companies that go above and beyond in their diversity recruitment and retention efforts at all levels of the organization. View the video below to learn more about Peckham in relation to the honorable award.


March 23, 2022

Peckham team member highlighted for success in workplace despite developmental disability

LANSING, MI- Published by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the article highlights Peckham team member, Tim Hyatt. Tim Hyatt works as a member of the Environmental Services team keeping Okemos Public Schools' facilities clean. Like 180,000 others in Michigan, Tim has a developmental disability that can often become a barrier to employment. However, the article highlights Peckham actively removing barriers for Tim's skills to shine within the workplace. As Tim remarks during his interview, “People give up, but Peckham doesn’t give up on people". Read about Tim Hyatt's success with Peckham below. 

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January 11, 2022

Peckham is one of four nonprofits applying to operate advance peace, a program aiming to curb gun violence 

LANSING, MI- Advance Peace, a program that officials and advocates hope will reduce gun violence in the city of Lansing, is in the process of turning its operation over to a local nonprofit organization per recommendation by Ingham County. Peckham is one of four applicants produced by the second round of searches. The other nonprofits are People Ready Advocating Youth, The Village Lansing and Eastside Community Action Center. The start date still remains unclear.

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October 10, 2021

National Disability Awareness Month Boosts Economic Recovery

LANSING, MI- Worldwide disasters and emergencies disproportionately impact the disability community, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. For example, the cancellation or adjustment in health care or rehabilitation services and mask mandates were some of the safest decisions for public health, but the decisions may have adversely impacted people individuals with a disability.

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July 23 2021

Peckham partners with Lansing police to hold teen leadership event

LANSING, MI- Peckham partnered with the Lansing Police Department to hold the Teen Leadership Institute. At this event, the youth were able to connect with police officers and opportunities throughout the community. Covering education, vocational training, job opportunities, communication, anger management, coping skills, and several other areas, the targeted youth learned valuable skills on bettering their lives for the future!

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July 7 2021

MRLA Partnership Brings Job Skills Training Program for Justice Involved Individuals to Michigan

LANSING, MI- Peckham will be working with The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) to bring the HOPES program to Michigan! HOPES is a job skills program that trains and prepares justice-involved individuals for jobs and careers in the restaurant, food service, and hospitality industries; helping them re-enter society and building a pathway to financial stability and independence.

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June 21 2021

Honoring Service to Others in Michigan's 8th District

LANSING, MI- U.S Rep. Elissa Slotkin included Peckham among those honored for their exceptional service to others and to their communities. Slotkin’s recognitions ensure the legacy of these leaders and organizations is included in the official Congressional Record of the People’s House for years to come.

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May 26 2021

Lansing’s largest employers hesitant to force in-person work

LANSING, MI- City Pulse recognized Peckham as an employer who is gradually bringing back their employees upon the updated set of state regulations that took effect Monday, May 24th. Peckham speaks on exploring hybrid work options and taking the preferences of each individual into careful consideration.

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May 14 2021

Workplace culture should include awareness of mental wellbeing

LANSING, MI- Lansing State Journal has been spreading awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month by emphasizing the importance of employee mental health needs and why they need to be a top priority for employers and business leaders. To allow for the community to learn more about this topic, Peckham was interviewed regarding how we prioritize our employees’ mental health and create a culture of wellness. Peckham encourages a more expansive and inclusive view of mental health; one that includes people with a diagnosed mental health condition, people who have a diminished sense of mental wellbeing, and those who have a family member, friend or coworker experiencing a mental health challenge.

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Feb 16 2021

How Employers Invest in Improving of the Lansing Community

LANSING, MI- 517 Magazine highlighted businesses within the Greater Lansing Area who have contributed to their surrounding communities through social impact. Peckham is noticed for their holiday “blaffle” — a blessing and a raffle fundraiser that provides families in crisis with gifts and needs during the holiday season.

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Jan 28 2021

Focus magazine by the lansing chamber 

LANSING, MI- In the January issue of Focus Magazine by the Lansing Chamber, Peckham is recognized for their Gold Hire Vets Medallion Award presented by the United States Department of Labor. Find the recognition on page 17 within the 'Members on the Move' section.

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DEC 18 2020

Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) Regional Resiliency Report 

LANSING, MI- In a special with Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) Jo Sinha, President and CEO of LEAP member-business Peckham, speaks about the importance of disability diversity in the workplace. More specifically she touches on the recent MSU study, "Inclusive Manufacturing: The Impact of Disability Diversity on Productivity in a Work Integration Social Enterprise," which is regarding the positive impact of disability diversity in the manufacturing sector.

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NOV 18 2020

How disability diversity in the workplace can improve productivity

LANSING, MI- By observing over 13,000 workdays at Peckham, Narayanan and Terris found that it is better to employ people from across the disability spectrum. They considered 10 disability categories — mental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, PTSD and physical disabilities, to name a few — and found that productivity is increased when the number of workers with different disabilities on a team is increased. Further, team productivity was increased when there was an even distribution of people across the disability spectrum

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