Peckham Apparel Manufacturing recently partnered with Includesign, a new mission-based startup to produce the LapSnap, a first of its kind, adaptive basket for individuals who use wheelchairs.

The LapSnap is a versatile carrier that enables individuals to better manage daily activities such as shopping, household chores, gardening and more with a great level of independence.

Diane Perkins, Founder and CEO of Includesign created the product after being inspired in a college course on disability justice, and noticing the barriers people she was connected to were experiencing as wheelchair users. A capstone project, turned into a business and the LapSnap was a born.

“I interviewed a lot oof manufacturers in the early stages, but decided Peckham was our best choice by far because of its mission to provide job training and opportunities to people with disabilities and barriers to employment aligns with our own,” said Perkins. “The design team has been so helpful and communicative, and are willing to work through new idea, which has been extremely valuable for someone venturing into the realm of self good manufacturing for the first time.”

“Peckham is proud to partner with Includesign, an organization that has demonstrated a passionate commitment to individuals with disabilities and creating job opportunities for them,” said Lionel Vargaz-Cruz, Senior Manager of Business Development. “It is awesome to provide the opportunity for those we serve to work on a product that could also improve their livelihood at the same time.”

The LapSnap is Available for pre-order on