Peckham’s Long-time CEO, M. Tomlinson Retires

LANSING, MI- Mitch Tomlinson, Peckham’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will retire after 43 years of service at Peckham. As President and CEO, he has passionately led the organization toward a mission-focused vision of empowering individuals with disabilities to succeed, since 1994.

Tomlinson began his career at Peckham in 1976 as its second employee. Over the years, he has led the award-winning organization toward best practices in vocational rehabilitation and superior business operations.

During his tenure, Tomlinson effectively led the overall operations of five social enterprises in Apparel Manufacturing, Environmental Services, Supply Chain Solutions, Contact Center Solutions and Peckham Farms, while overseeing a Human Services division that provides a myriad of wrap-around support services and life enhancing activities for more than 2,500 individuals each day. In addition, Tomlinson was among the original founders of the strategic partnership between Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, a nonprofit that provides comprehensive rehabilitation for adolescents and adults with neurological dysfunction.

Working with a mission-driven purpose, developing potential in each individual and delivering results, Peckham has created a unique business model with a competitive edge, under his leadership.

Under Tomlinson’s leadership Peckham has established best practices (Harvard Business Review Case Study; Best Practices for Nonprofits) and high-quality industry metrics and standards in providing flexible and quality work environments.

Peckham is a leader in the implementation of universal design concepts, sustainable building practices and creating accessible and accommodating facilities. The organization has also been named and certified a “Great Place to Work.”

Tomlinson’s commitment to create job opportunities that help break the link between poverty and disability has led Peckham to much success. Innovative approaches to making work “work” for those with barriers has garnered the organization national recognition and industry awards of excellence in vocational rehabilitation and business operations; including accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and ISO certification across all business lines.

Guided by a diverse governance board that reflects the communities and clients served, Tomlinson embraces life-long learning, and believes in the synergies and innovation created when people work together. This practice has shaped strong partnerships with local employers and businesses, strengthened the efficiencies of other community rehabilitation programs and initiated collaborative efforts with leading universities such as Michigan State University.

Tomlinson’s genuine belief in the abilities of people with disabilities has created an inclusive culture that supports, educates and empowers each individual to reach their full potential. Infusing technology, continuous learning and developing new and advanced programs and services, provides meaningful career pathways helping individuals with disabilities to maximize their opportunities for success.

Tomlinson embraces a “people-first” philosophy, one that emphasizes respect for the individual and belief in one’s potential. His innovative approaches to growing businesses fueled by people with disabilities, has created an organization that is sustainable, a culture that is inclusive, and thriving and engaged employees committed to mission.

Tomlinson earned a master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling with emphasis in vocational evaluation from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

He has served on numerous local and national boards including MARO, LEAP, 501 Alliance and the Council for Labor and Economic Growth.

Tomlinson will retire from Peckham on January 31, 2020. Peckham has selected Jo Sinha, current Peckham Chief Operating Officer, as successor.

Peckham is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization that provides paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. For more than 43 years, Peckham has provided jobs and job skills training to thousands of individuals with barriers through five different business lines throughout Michigan, and has operations in Phoenix, Arizona and London, Kentucky.

Peckham, Inc., is a national award-winning organization, recognized for its achievement in providing exceptional vocational rehabilitation, creating inclusive cultures and building quality workplaces for employees.