Peckham’s Long-time Chief of Human Services Retires

LANSING, MI- Greta Wu, Peckham’s Chief of Human Services will retire after 37 years of service at Peckham.

Wu began her career at Peckham in 1982 as a vocational services specialist and over the years has developed an award-winning vocational rehabilitation program that has enabled thousands of individuals with disabilities and other barriers to maintain employment and reach self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Under Wu’s leadership, Peckham has remained a CARF -accredited organization for more than three decades and is recognized as a leading agency in building best-practices and a model of superior vocational rehabilitation and job placement programs. She has been a champion of multi-cultural rehabilitation strategies, using strategic methodology to serve individuals with barriers through effective assistive technology and proper accommodations.

Through servant leadership and deep respect for each individual, Wu has passionately influenced a culture of respect and dignity for people with disabilities. Her efforts have helped to lead a dynamic team to create a strength-based learning environment throughout the organization that encourages the development of self-confidence, self-advocacy, personal accountability and upward mobility.

Wu will retire from Peckham on November 15, 2019. Peckham has selected James Caleb Adams, current Vice President of Rehabilitation Services as Wu’s successor.

Peckham is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization that provides paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. For more than 42 years, Peckham has provided jobs and job skills training to thousands of individuals with barriers through five different business lines throughout Michigan, and also has operations in Phoenix, Arizona and London, Kentucky.

Peckham, Inc., is a national award-winning organization, recognized for its achievement in providing exceptional vocational rehabilitation, creating inclusive cultures and building quality workplaces for employees.