2020-2021 Annual Report

2020-2021 Annual Report


Annual Report


One day while getting routine lab work done, I started a conversation with a lab technician who asked me where I worked. I told her I worked at Peckham and she immediately started to cry. I took a big gulp and asked why she was upset. She said, “You all changed my life. I am a mom and my son has autism. He struggled finding his place in school, he struggled finding his place at other jobs. I worried so much about him and what his future would look like and he was getting so depressed. Then, he got a job at Peckham. It changed his life. He is so happy to have a job where he is respected and valued and he wakes up every day excited to go to work. He is a different person now. Because you changed his life, you changed mine.”

This is just one of thousands of stories from the communities in which we work. For the last 45 years, Peckham has been driving this mission of providing opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive, not only in work, but in their community and in their personal lives. The rippling effects of this mission have extended well beyond our wildest imagination. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of individuals have been able to reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals, and it is because of the contributions of amazingly talented people with disabilities that have truly made Peckham the successful, long-standing organization it is today.

This year proved to be another year of endurance, as we worked to resume a sense of normalcy, returning to hybrid work environments, growing contracts, and a need for hiring like never before.

While the unexpected extension of the pandemic has increased our efforts to support employee mental health and wellbeing, that same uncertainty has also created many opportunities for innovation and collaboration in new and exciting ways across our lines of business. From our team members, customers and staff, to our partners, donors and advocates, Peckham is made up of a rich community that is resilient, tenacious and driven to discover new and equitable pathways for those with barriers to reach a greater sense of self-sufficiency.

The strength, steadiness, integrity, compassion and professionalism of our team members and staff continues to inspire me, the stories like the one from the lab technician continue to humble me, and the unending support of this amazing community will continue to uphold the deep legacy and mission of this organization for years to come.

We thank each of you for these four-and-a-half decades, because of you, we are “Peckham Strong - 45 and Forward!”


Board of directors


Kathie Feldpausch, CPA, RCE, Board President
Community Representative

Thomas Hoban, Board Vice President
Community President, Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Heather Shawa, Board Secretary/Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer, Lansing Board of Water & Light

Board Members

Charlotte Koger, Board Director
Community Representative

Chris Wilson, Board Director
CJW Consulting Solutions

Clara Martin Dignon, Student Board
Member Michigan State University

David A. Gift, Board Director,
Senior Advisor, Internet2

Duncan Wyeth, Board Director
Community Representative

Esther Onaga, Board Director
Community Representative

Jerry Johnson, Board Director
Community Representative

Monique Field-Foster, Board Director
Senior Counsel, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

Mary Gager Drew, Board Director
Michigan State Police Office of School Safety

Michael Flowers, Board Director
Executive Director, Human Resources, Lansing Board of Water & Light

Stanley Kogut, Board Director
Community Representative

Measuring Impact

Peckham’s fiscal year began October 1, 2020 and ended September 30, 2021.
The numbers listed reflect this period.

TMS served
TM wages
Upward Mobility at Peckham
Upward Mobility in Community
Client Satisfaction


The increase in revenue for this fiscal year was driven primarily by our Contact Center Solutions line of business as well as our financial investments. 

The total revenue and the revenue of each line of business is represented below. 



















Group 8

Highlights & Awards


Peckham's Contact Center Solutions business division received the Calabrio One Award, which recognizes companies that have high achievement in agent and customer engagement . 


U.S Rep. Elissa Slotkin included Peckham among those honored for their exceptional service to others and to their communities by including them in the official Congressional Record of the People’s House.


This is the seventh consecutive year Peckham has received the certification which is based on employee feedback. The survey results reveal that Peckham employees trust their supervisors and take pride in their work.


The Embers program received a $15,000 grant award from the Flint Women and Girls Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, allowing us to expand Embers to serve more young women who are victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.


The Eaton County WIOA/Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) program received this award for a second year in a row.  The award recognizes excellence in five goals set at the national level in the areas of graduation rate, job placements, positive outcomes, total job placements, and total full-time placements.


The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act) Medallion Program is the only federal award program that recognizes employers who successfully recruit, hire, and retain veterans. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 11.02.04 AM


The multiple stressors, fear, social isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic have fueled substance use and mental illness, putting mental health front and center in our workplaces this past year. The single most important thing Peckham does to support mental health in the workplace is to talk about it openly.

This year, the Mission Initiatives team and Human Resources collaborated to launch BetterHelp, a digital therapy platform offering therapy as a benefit to Peckham team members and their immediate families. The benefit aims to support the mental well-being of Peckham team members who have experienced innumerable stressors throughout the pandemic.

Fostering a workplace culture where sharing personal experiences with mental health is safe and encouraged (at all levels, leadership included) sends a clear message that mental and emotional wellbeing is important, mental health challenges are common, and recovery is possible. Mental illnesses are among the most common health conditions in the United States.

Peckham encourages a more expansive and inclusive view of mental health; one that includes people with diagnosed mental health conditions, people experiencing a diminished sense of emotional wellbeing, and those who have a family member, friend, or coworker experiencing a mental health challenge. Peckham views mental health as a dynamic and integral part of employee wellbeing. We recognize that mental wellbeing exists on a spectrum. It differs from person to person, it fluctuates with time and circumstance, and it requires a range of interventions and initiatives that support resilience and recovery. 

One way Peckham promotes dialogue and skill-building around mental health is through our corporate Mental Health First Aid training initiative. Mental Health First Aid teaches people how to recognize and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges.

The course introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, increases mental health literacy, and discusses the impact of mental health on all aspects of our lives. Since 2015, we have trained more than 500 Peckham employees in Mental Health First Aid.

This integrated approach to mental health for employees continues to result in positive feedback from those we serve. “Long-term employment has been difficult for me due to my anxiety and ADD. The caring and supportive environment has made it possible for me to keep working even when stress and anxiety are making me want to quit,” says a Peckham team member. 



Peckham’s Youth Services department has been providing vocational training to court-involved youth since 1987. Originally the department had a single contract with the Ingham County 30th Judicial Court to provide work-based learning to 65 youth a year. Fast forward more than three decades later, and now the Youth Services & Offender Success program serves more than 540 participants a year through 12 different programs.

The department has experienced significant growth and expansion over the last decade. This increased capacity led to a late Fall renovation to an existing space on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, where the Youth Services and Rising Out of the System (ROOTS) programs are housed. Since 2019, Peckham’s ROOTS program, which provides occupational and social support to individuals on parole in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties, has served more than 500 individuals.

The Youth Services department largely makes use of the building with two classrooms, indoor basketball court, an arcade area, and plenty of open space for youth activities and learning. The ROOTS space is warm and welcoming; it provides state-of-the-art technology for returning citizens to complete job searches and assessments.

The Youth Services and Offender Success department continues to meet the needs of underserved youth in both its Lansing and Flint locations.

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 10.57.03 AM


Below is an excerpt from Chris Kirk, Administrative Support Specialist at Peckham Charlotte. Chris shares his appreciation to the team for providing assistive technology, which enabled him to be more efficient in his role.

My name is Chris, and I am an administrative assistant at the Peckham Charlotte location. I was born with a disability in short called “AMC” (Arthrogryposis), which attacks and stiffens the body’s main joints, and it has mainly affected my arms and hands.

I type using only my right elbow and (have) recently been diagnosed with bursitis, which on occasion makes my elbow swollen with very little feeling. Since I have been dealing with this issue, I have been looking for ways and/or items that can help so I am not hitting extra keys and having to constantly fix errors.

I needed to be more efficient which put me on the hunt for a solution. I went to multiple electronic and office stores trying out different keyboard options and found that the AZIO MK RETRO Typewriter mechanical keyboard is just what I needed.

Becoming part of the Peckham family has really been a blessing, I am used to mainstream employment as that was my only option throughout my early adult employment years so life and work have forced me to be inventive, proactive, and my own advocate, always thinking how can I get better or make my situation at the moment easier to overcome.

When I brought my request (for accommodation) to my Vocational Service Specialist Maleah, she immediately along with Melissa went right to work on it on a Friday, and when I came in Tuesday morning, Maleah had it set up and ready to go for me. Now that’s impressive!

And (that) makes this place one of a kind in my opinion, nowhere else will you find this level of empathy, compassion, and care to help you be a productive part of society. I want to genuinely thank the Peckham Charlotte team for always being so flexible, compassionate, and willing to help, you are amazing!

A Second Chance With MIReconnect

In September, Governor Whitmer announced a budget increase for the Michigan Reconnect program. Mariah Lawrence, Customer Service Representative at Peckham, was given the opportunity to share the significance the MIReconnect program has had on her life.

“The MIReconnect Scholarship has given young adults like me a second chance at education and succeeding in life. For some of us a second chance is all we truly needed,” she shared.

MIReconnect is designed to help more Michiganders obtain post-secondary credentials so they can earn a higher salary to support their families.

Group 8

Business Impact


A project team comprised of SourceAmerica productivity engineers and a cross-disciplinary faculty group at Michigan State University explored assistive technology solutions to support training and enhance productivity for people with disabilities working in apparel manufacturing.


Created a revised Educational Assistance Policy aimed at supporting continuing education for employees, and creating more equitable pathways for upward mobility.


A collaborative program with the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center, Art Alliance, sustained Peckham’s creative programming dynamic during the pandemic, hosting 10 projects. Art from the Heart also launched “Art@Home”—a series of weekly art activities for team members to do at home.


Riverside Peckham Self Advocate Team (PSAT) purchased a wheelchair swing to be installed by Lansing Parks Department at Beacon Park in Lansing. PSAT also played a key role in developing the Mitch Tomlinson and Greta Wu service awards, honoring staff who lead with Peckham core values.


Environmental Services received recognition from Michigan Governor Whitmer for the team’s work in cleaning the Capitol and other government buildings.


Peckham Farms successfully launched a partnership with Capital City Market and one local restaurant and added 30% additional capacity for the strawberry program.

Who We Served This Year

*PECKHAM TOTAL 2020-2021
White 52%
Black or African American  26% 
Hispanic  12% 
Asian  6%
2 or more races  3%
American Indian or Alaska Native  1%
Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander  0%
*PECKHAM TOTAL 2020-2021
Psychiatric Disorder/Emotional Impairment  43%
Physical/Medical Disability  22.5%
Cognitive Impairment/Developmental Disability  14%
Autism Spectrum Disorder  9%
Learning Disability  4.5%
Blind or Visually Impaired  3%
Acquired Brain Injury  2%
Deaf or Hard of Hearing  2%
Chemical Dependence/Substance Abuse  0%


Group 8


The Peckham Community Partnership Foundations’ latest fiscal year began January 1, 2020, and ended December 31, 2020.
The numbers you see here reflect this time frame (in millions).

(UP TO $5K)

* Peckham staff can apply for a major or mini-grant to implement a new program that supports the mission and benefits team members.


Rudy Hirt, Board President
President, TMN Builders, Inc.

Paul Colligan, Secretary/Treasurer
Corporate Procurement, Accident Fund


Barb Turner DeRose
Community Representative

Chris Wilson
Community Representative

David Gift
Senior Advisor, Internet2

Kathie Feldpausch
Peckham Board President

Larry Cianciosi
Attorney at Law, Hanba & Lazar, P.C.

Dr. Michael Henderson
Community Representative

Stanley Kogut 
Community Representative

Whitney Anderson-Harrell
Chief Community Development Officer, MSUFCU

William B. Milzarski
Community Representative



Nora McInerny Speaks on Grief and Loss

In May, the Peckham Speaker Series hosted Nora McInerny, best-selling author, TedX Speaker, and award-winning podcast host as she shared humorous yet heartfelt and meaningful advice on how to move forward from grief, loss and trauma. Nora drew upon her own story of profound loss, when she miscarried her second baby, lost her Dad to cancer and became a widow within a matter of months.

Nora presented to more than 400 individuals virtually from Peckham’s Lansing corporate office. The Speaker Series continues to be funded by the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation.

“There is a big cultural shift that we’re pushing against to make space for this long, messy, middle part. A part that says our tough experiences are not an interruption to life, they are a part of life… and there is nothing wrong with your pain.” - Nora McInerny


Celebrating 45 Years and Forward

Please join us to commemorate 45 years of driving our mission of empowering people with disabilities and other barriers to succeed. Peckham has reached a milestone and we want to celebrate with you!

We're inviting all of our community, partners, supporters and friends to join in celebrating, "45 years and Forward" - Remembering where we started, celebrating where we are and continuing to strive forward.

Please join us, in-person, on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, as we celebrate this milestone, honor our workers of the year and reflect on the accomplishments from the past year.

RSVP Today!

Let us know if you’re coming!

PECKHAM DONORS (OCT. 1, 2020 -SEPT. 30, 2021)


Adams, James Caleb and Michelle
Adams, Sarah
Ahmadpour, Masoud
Allen, Richard
Alleshouse, Ashley
Alvarez, Elenilson (Alan)
Anderson, Gabrielle
Aughenbaugh, Trey
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Alta Equipment Company
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