Weather Updates

Weather Updates

Inclement Weather Updates

As we begin to see more snow in Michigan, it’s a good time to remind everyone of our communication process for inclement weather. Although this applies most frequently to our Michigan locations due to winter weather, it can also be applied to any severe weather events that occur in Arizona or Kentucky.

In general, Peckham will more often than not remain open during inclement weather. Unless you receive a specific notification about a closing, please assume we will be open for business.

Employees can check our social media pages, website and Information Hotline for closure information. To access the hotline, call Peckham’s main number, 517-316-4000, and press option 2.

Please consider the following Winter Weather Safety Tips when traveling in harsh conditions:

  • Leave your home early to give yourself extra travel time.
  • Clear your car of all snow and ice, paying close attention to the windows, windshields and lights.
  • Drive slowly and increase the following distance between your car and the car in front of you.
  • Be mindful of road and parking lot conditions, including black ice, which may not be visible.
  • When walking on snow and ice, take short steps and walk at a slow pace.
  • To prevent slipping on snow and ice, try to wear footwear with good traction and insulation.
  • For more Winter Driving Tips from AAA, click here.