The Peckham Community Partnership Foundation plays an important role in supporting Peckham’s mission of providing a wide range of training and employment opportunities for persons striving for independence and self-sufficiency. Foundation support allows us to take a holistic approach to vocational rehabilitation by offering healthy living and wellness supports, barrier removal  wage subsidies for those with more significant disabilities and many other specialized programs.

In addition, the Foundation nurtures creativity and encourages innovation by allowing staff the opportunity to try out new ideas that enhance Peckham’s existing programs and services. Projects center around physical and emotional wellbeing, technology, education and training, financial literacy and money management, arts and culture, and employment support services such as clothing for job interviews and transportation vouchers.

Through Mini-Grant awards, the Foundation provides funding directly to staff for new and creative ways to meet client needs, expand programs, fill gaps in services and support efforts to help clients grow and succeed. Mini-Grants have touched the lives of nearly 1,000 people this past year. Examples of Mini-Grant projects include, Dream to Drive, stress management workshops, Personal Development Days and more.

The Peckham Community Partnership Foundation maintains endowed accounts that support Peckham’s Art from the Heart creative instruction program, the annual Higgins Lake trip, the House of Ruth residential facility and other long-term projects, while special activities are funded through Major Grant awards that provide critical financial support.

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Contact the Peckham Community Partnership Foundation

3510 Capital City Blvd., Lansing, MI 48906-2102

The Community Foundation

Since 1994, Peckham has had an Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation. This allows donors another way to support Peckham. To learn more, visit the Community Foundation's website, or call for more information:
330 Marshall St., Suite 300
Lansing, MI 48912
F 517.272.2871

Foundation Board of Directors

  • Stanley Kogut - President
  • Paul Colligan - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Larry Cianciosi
  • Whitney Anderson-Harrell
  • Barb Turner DeRose
  • Dr. Michael Henderson
  • Rudy Hirt
  • William B. Milzarski
  • Chris Wilson
  • David A. Gift
  • Tom Hoban