In October, Peckham’s Corporate Vice President, Ann Gillmore collaborated with members of ACCSES, ACCSES New Jersey, Aspiro and United Cerebral Palsy, as they came together in a virtual congressional briefing to discuss and advocate for increased access, opportunity and recognition for individuals with disabilities in several areas.

As a part of the briefing, the team spent time reviewing and encouraging more representatives to sign House Resolution 159, expressing appreciation and support for essential employees with disabilities during the current pandemic, and beyond. People with disabilities are providing critical products and services for our federal and state governments so we as a country can be safe, stay healthy, and continue to function. People with disabilities are a capable and essential part of our country’s workforce, and we hope that Congress provides them with the recognition they deserve.

The other topics included the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act of 2021, a direct testimonial from a person with a significant disability on the impact of that act on his personal experience, and the financial impact of the vaccine requirement on nonprofits, especially those that depend heavily on Medicaid funding.

To watch the briefing and learn more about the legislation click here



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