Peckham’s team members provide essential products and services to government and commercial customers through our five lines of business. Some of our team members may have qualifying disabilities or barriers to employment and participate in paid job training programs. Staff positions play supportive roles to our team members. At Peckham, we firmly believe in creating opportunities for individuals to thrive, driving the pursuit of upward mobility for all our employees. Remarkably, approximately 48% of our staff members began their journey as team members themselves. Stephanie’s story at Peckham is a testament to this transformation.


Stephanie possesses many of the qualities one would associate with a nurse—engaging, likable, and exuding confidence that brings reassurance to others. It thus comes as no surprise that Stephanie initially pursued a career in nursing. To support herself while attending nursing school, she took on a part-time job at a call center that managed a substantial federal contract. When the government decided to switch providers and awarded the contract to Peckham, Stephanie and several other call center employees were able to join the new vendor and continue working on the same contract.

Stephanie’s first role at Peckham was that of a bilingual Customer Service Representative (CSR), handling inbound calls. At that time, she did not envision any prospects for advancement and viewed the CSR position merely as a part-time job while pursuing her nursing studies. However, as time passed, Stephanie became intrigued by the stories of her fellow team members and their personal journeys within Peckham. Learning about the organization’s dedication to vocational rehabilitation and the positive impact it had on its employees sparked a newfound interest in Stephanie. She began to perceive her CSR role as more than just another job at a call center. She became invested in Peckham’s mission and developed a genuine desire to explore new opportunities within the company.

When Stephanie came across an opportunity for advancement, she decided to apply, eventually receiving her first of many promotions. This promotion led her to the Applicant Line, a position above the CSRs where she handled general information questions. This transition opened doors for her to join the Help Desk team, where she worked for several months. Recognizing the potential for upward mobility at Peckham, Stephanie applied for and successfully became a Team Lead. In that role, she gained valuable supervisory skills and responsibilities. Soon after, Stephanie transitioned from being a team member to a staff member by securing a Supervisor position. This new role provided her with the opportunity to coach, lead, and motivate her team members—a task she found both rewarding and inspiring.

Driven by her passion for continuous career development, Stephanie applied for and was selected as an Operations Analyst—a position focused on process improvements that closely collaborated with the government client. This role led Stephanie to reevaluate her career plans and her future in nursing, a path she had previously envisioned for herself. She credits her exposure to Peckham’s business operations and processes for planting the seeds of an unexpected career shift. Consequently, Stephanie changed her major from Nursing to Business Management, embracing a new career path centered around a long-term future at Peckham.

Currently, Stephanie holds the position of Business Services Manager, marking her sixth promotion at Peckham within a decade. Her unwavering commitment to learning and strong work ethic, coupled with Peckham’s willingness to provide opportunities for advancement, have propelled her remarkable success within the organization. Unlike the experience at the initial call center company, Peckham clearly demonstrated from the start that opportunities for growth were available to those who sought them. This motivated Stephanie to continuously strive for more. Each promotion symbolized an opportunity for her to contribute to Peckham’s mission of providing meaningful work to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Working with people who have overcome significant challenges and hearing their heartfelt gratitude for what Peckham has offered them has driven Stephanie to want to do even more in support of the mission.

Looking ahead, Stephanie aspires to become a Contract Director. She is currently collaborating with her supervisors to further develop professionally and achieve her future goals. For Stephanie, the most rewarding aspect of her job is witnessing other team members experience the same upward mobility track she once took advantage of. She thoroughly enjoys coaching and guiding others, helping them break down barriers and achieve professional growth. Stephanie advises team members who doubt their prospects for advancement to embrace opportunities and seize every chance for professional development.




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