The Peckham Board of Directors has changed the title of President and CEO to Chief Executive and Inclusion Officer (CEIO). Jo Sinha, who has been serving as the President and CEO since 2020, will continue in the leadership capacity, putting Inclusion at the forefront.

“This shift in title more clearly reflects the deeply embedded values of inclusion and diversity that has always been a part of Peckham’s nearly five-decade history,” said Tom Hoban, Board President. “Peckham is leading the way for other organizations by creating more accessible, equitable and inclusive work environments. This title change signals to our stakeholders how serious Peckham takes the work of inclusion at every level within the organization.”

With more than 3,000 employees, 11 locations, five social enterprises and more than 25 vocational rehabilitation services and programs, Sinha is responsible for leading the award-winning organization’s mission, culture and overall business operations. The organization has employees representing a wide variety of abilities, languages and nearly 50 different cultures.

“I am honored to continue serving Peckham and leading with an intention on inclusion,” said Jo Sinha, Chief Executive and Inclusion Officer. “We believe inclusion is our strength and diversity drives our excellence. This change in title represents one of the most important tasks we have been working on for years and one we want to continue to strengthen – creating a sense of belonging at work and providing everyone opportunities for equal access to thrive.”

For more than two decades, Sinha has been with Peckham serving in a variety of leadership roles within the company, including Project and Grants Manager, Corporate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Under Sinha’s leadership, Peckham has achieved significant growth and achievement across its lines of business and federal contracts. Her demonstrated expertise includes successful implementation and creation of strategic partnerships to enable advanced job opportunities and upward mobility for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

About Peckham:

Peckham is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization that provides paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. For more than 46 years, Peckham has provided jobs and job skills training to thousands of individuals with barriers through five different business lines throughout Michigan, and has operations in Phoenix, Arizona and London, Kentucky.

Peckham, Inc., is a national award-winning organization, recognized for its achievement in providing exceptional vocational rehabilitation, creating inclusive cultures and building quality workplaces for employees.

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